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Welcome to Godwin Public School.

A Premier educational institution from Kindergarten to Matriculation Recognised by
Government of Karnataka affiliated to K S E E B, with N O C for I C S E.

Latest News

GODWIN PUBLIC SCHOOL has decided not to hike the annual fee for the academic year 2022 – 23, keeping in mind the hardship on outbreak of COVID – 19.
Parent should consider to pay the same fees, what was there during the last academic year 2022 – 23

Chairman’s Message

Godwin Public School is a private non-profit, secular, co-educational school renders a truly value based education pattern quite remarkable and quality oriented. Strides successfully ahead to the demands of the emerging trends in education and needs of fast changing world. The Rich Indian values and great culture are our strength.

Our vision is to emerge one among the best Schools in the country. This school is temple of learning and serving the cause of education to all.

Having a well maintained four floor building with A/C Computer Room, Conference Hall, Assembly Hall, Terrace Garden, Auditorium, Library, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics Laboratories and all the requirements of an institute of good learning are the unique features of our school

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Mount Godwin Austin, also K2, Mountain peak in the Karakorum range of the Western Himalaya, straddling the border between China and Jammu and Kashmir, a territory of India. K2, rising 8,611 M(28, 251 FT), is the second highest mountain in the world surpassed only by Mount Everest (8,850 M/29,035 FT), also in the Himalaya. K2 is an almost regular cone of ice and limestone resting on a granite base. In 1856 T. G. Montgomerie of the survey of India measured the mountain and named it 'K2' to denote it as the second in a list of 35 summits in the karakorum range. In 1861 the peak was newly named Mount Godwin Austin.

Graduation Day

The quality of a school is not solely dependent on academic excellence;
it is a very good indicator of the dedication of its staff and the quality of its students.