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Dear Parents,

Like many other parents, are you also worried about your child’s school admission? Which school to be admitted? Which syllabus to select, which school is really good, weather it is recognized the educational Dept or not. Be patient, here we have shown you the best way to prepare your child for the admission in a very good school. So many question answer at the time of admission. is a good man for you from this good school for you good child. Be patient.

It is true that sometimes some parents do get confused or frightened by wrong or exaggerated information about school admission test, fed by ill informed people, which ultimately becomes interview phobia. So please do not become the victims of any phobia. Because your phobia might get transmitted to your child. The best way to get rid of such phobia is to prepare your child with proper planning. Do you know most of the children start learning from the age of 9 months and by the time they are 3 or 4 years of age, they absorb a huge amount of information, perhaps more than they will learn in the rest of their lives? It is very much true.

A child possesses boundless desire to learn. Sometimes we kill this desire ignorantly because we fail to understand child psychology. Develop a habit of reading books on child behaviour which will help you unlock the hidden talents of your child from early age. More and more books you read, you discover never and never things about your child. “Please remember, you are your child’s first and most influential teacher.”

Please do not compare your child with other children. Since every child grows up in a different environment, it is obvious that each child will behave differently. During your childhood the necessity of reading books on child psychology was perhaps not felt, but today the world around us is very complex & competitive. We are passing through terrible times. Growing violence, degeneration and sex abuse etc have become very common. So you need to take help of books and magazines on child psychology.


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We would like to make you familiar with the general admission procedure which we follow,

At entry level, most of the schools do not go fir difficult interviews. The school authorities normally try to assess the level of intelligence, smartness and manners of a child. There is no need to panic if your child can not answer one pr two questions accurately in the interview. In fact, the questions which are asked in such interviews are more on common sense rather than questions from the preparatory books of alphabets and numbers.

While taking your child to school for an interview make sure that the child is dressed decently. Teach him/ her to wish the interviewers ‘Good Morning’ while entering and a ‘Thank You’ while leaving the interview room. These will create a very good impression.

You must be aware that most of the school authorizes interview the parents also. Like the child’s interviews, parents interviews are also quite informal in nature. What most of the school authorities try to assess from the parents’ interviews are – the parents level of commitment to the child, family background, whether the parents will be able to take proper care of the child at home, follow up day to day activities at school, will be able to co-operate with the teacher in the overall development of the child, family background, whether the parents will be able to take proper care of the child at home, follow up day to day activities at school, will be able to co-operate with the teacher in the overall development of the child.


While interviewing the child for entry level admission, the most common questions asked are:

  • Count 1 to 10
  • Say A to Z
  • Sing a Rhyme
  • With whom do you play at home
  • What type of games do you play
  • What colour do you like most etc…
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • School’s Name
  • They may also asked to identify objects, colours, fruits or flowers etc…


On the other hand, from the parent’s interview, we the school authorities try to assess the attitude of the parents. So, most of the questions asked are indirect in nature.

  • Such as who will guide the child in studies?
  • Whether the parents would prefer to hire tutor?
  • How many hours the parents spend with the child?
  • What is the size of the family?
  • The income of the parents
  • The qualification of the parents.

U.K.G :

However, for admission into upper KG level, written test and oral test are equally important. The written test mostly covers English, Maths and Drawing. But for higher attitude and aptitude both hold equal weightage. As far as attitude is concerned, the parents would have to take proper care in teaching values, etiquette , discipline and manner to the children. How the parents behave at home will also have an impact on the children. It may also be mentioned that how the child dresses for the interview, how the child sits during the interview, how polite the child is while answering the questions would make a lot if difference. An honestly replied ‘No’ scores better marks than a confused ‘Yes’.

All kinds of phobia related to admission tests are born out of poor preparation. It is nothing but fear of failure. So the best way to avoid such phobia is to prepare your child for the test with proper planning. Develop the child mentally as well as physically. Give your child the best of knowledge and guidance. Allow your child to watch educative TV Programmes like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Cartoon etc, allow your child sufficient play time. Remove fear from your child’s mind. For removal of fear from the child’s mind encourage your child to take part in various events or group activities which also encourage adaptability and fellow felling. In order to increase the level of intelligence of your child, ask the same questions differently. For example while returning from a park, ask your child to recollect what he / she had seen in the park or make the child draw a sketch of the park etc. And above all start practicing the questions answer regularly in formal as well as informal manner well ahead of the test. But please do not put necessary pressure on your child.

Many school authorities enquire about the educational qualification of the parents. It is true most schools want qualified parents. But we at Godwin Public School acknowledge the fact that sometimes parents who
Are not educated are more committed, know all the parents want to give their children the best education because they were not fortunate to receive education in good schools themselves during their childhood.

Therefore it is important for the parents to be honest, caring and committed to the children.

To the best of our knowledge we have touched up on all the details you wanted to know about entry level admission test. And now it is up to you to prepare your child for the test with proper planning, proper input and practice. Please take utmost care of your child’s health too. At the end, we would like to give you a massage that success is not an not an event, it is a journey. Many world famous great personalities were bad students at an early age, but they scaled greater heights in their respective fields with sheer hard work and dedication. So never lose heart even if your child is a slow learner. Allow spontaneous development of your child. Never pressurize, never give up. But select a good school for your good child.

It’s always safer if you admit your child to any Recognized school.

Everything you wanted to know
At what age should a child be sent to school?
A child can be sent to preparatory at the age of 3 years. But please do not lay too much stress on studies. Let the child get acquainted with other children and school environment.
How much weightage do school authorities give to parent’s educational qualification?
Except a few premier schools across the country, parents’ educational qualifications are not given much weightage. But it is always better for the child if the parents can take care of home-work as well as provide necessary guidance at home.
Why do school authorities take interview of child as well as parents?
As far as child’s interview is concerned, it is to asses the level of intelligence of the child. But from the interview school authorities try to know the parents level of commitment and attitude.
What sort of commitment is expected from the parents?
A child learns more things at home than at school in the grooming age. So the atmosphere at home influences a lot in the child’s character building. So parents are expected to teach values and social behaviour to the child as well as to take care of the child’s physical and mental development.
Should parents develop career consciousness in the children’s mind from early age?
Lack of career consciousness among the children from the right age makes many children confused when they grow up and start experiencing the practical world.

So, it is always better to teach a child about various career options, as soon as he/she starts maturing. But never impose any career choice on your child. Let the child choose the career path. The parents should only help them in taking sound decisions on career.

Why many children know everything but cannot answer during the interview?
IT happens mainly due to lack of sufficient practice at home. The child should not be made to practice just for the interview. This creates fear. Parents should encourage the child to give answers to different questions during conversation and play. Asking questions should be a continual process. So that the child develops a habit of speaking fluently. Please encourage your child to participate in group activities. Remove fear by asking question in front of strangers, guests or relatives.


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Always answer their questions
When you answer your child’s questions logically, the child makes it a habit to ask more and more questions. His / her curiosity increases accordingly.

Never ignore your child’s questions.

Protection / Over Protection
Protect your child from negative elements. But never be over protective. Over protection might make the child feel
insecure and lose spontaneity.
Behaviour of parents
Behaviour of parents have impact on the child. So always behave politely in presence of your child.
Personal attention
Your child needs your attention. So never forget to give due attention to your child. The best thing to spend on child is your time.
Lack of freedom / excess of freedom
Give sufficient freedom to your child which helps him / her feel confident. But see to it your child does not misuse the freedom given to him / her.
Teach values today to the citizen of tomorrow
Values help build person, a better home, a better society and a better country. Teach the importance of values to your child from an early age.

Never compromise on values.

Pocket Money
At certain age you cannot avoid giving pocket money to your child. But please ensure that it is used for good purpose. Otherwise, your money can spoil your child.

Never compare your child with other children
Please do not compare your child with other children. Since every child grows up in a different environment, it is obvious that each child will behave differently.
You should punish your child when he / she crosses the limit, but punishment should not be physical torture or psychologically damaging.
Try to know your child’s interest
All children are blessed with talents. Aptitude however in,different subjects different subjects differs from child to child. One child may be good in mathematics, while another may excel in language. A wise parent will allow a child to bloom according to his aptitude with proper care and guidance.

So try to spot your child’s interest and develop it further. One day your child interest and develop it further. One day your child might become champion in one of his / her interest areas.

Promise / false promises
Make promises and keep your promises. But never make false promises to your child. False promises reduce his/ her self-esteem and the child might feel neglected or even might making false promises.
Motivation / Inspiration
Make motivation / inspiration a regular habit. Motivation increases self-confidence in a child.
Develop good hobbies in your child
Encourage your child to develop good hobbies of stamp collection, coin collection, collection of dolls, collection of picture and post cards, bird watching, sports and games, music, dance, drama and other recreational activities.

So reading books is essential for every one as books help develop initiative, originality and build character. Accordingly, books lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Good books help in developing a wide range of knowledge, so never hesitate to spend money on buying books. Parents and teachers should help the children selecting good books. Illustrative books with colourful pictures attract the children. Reading books protect children from wasteful activities. For developing a habit of reading books among children, parents should take the initiative. Someone has rightly said – Just like our body needs healthy food everyday, our minds need good thoughts. So encourage your child to read good books regularly.

Do not over indulge
Please do not fulfill all their demands all the time. See to it that they learn to live with a ‘No’ also. They should not take you for granted in all their demands/ They should not be encouraged to develop the feeling that the world belongs to them. This will help them to understand the practical side of life.
T.V a source of knowledge
In today’s world of entertainment boom no one can stop the child from viewing T.V.Programmes T.V can be a boon or curse, it all depends on the parents/ guardians which programmes / channels they allow their child to view and the amount of time theu permit. We should encourage our children to view only educative & meaningful programmes / serials like National Geogaphic / Discovery Channel / Quiz programmes / Sports & Games / Surabhi & Telecast of events like Republic Day parade and Indepandence day Parade & of course viewing news bulletin regularly should be developed as a habit.
Help them at studies
It is always advisable for all parents / guardians to guide their children in their studies at home only up to the extent Of making the concept clear. But they should not end up doing the homework of their children themselves at any cost, any time.
National Pride
Inculcate the sense of pride of being an ‘Indian’ in your child from an early ae by telling him stories of our country’s rich cultural heritage, traditions, secular faith, unity in diversity. Which make our country one of the best countries in the world. We should be proud of being Indian.
Check list
When you take your child to the admission test, make sure that child carries sharpened pencils, eraser, sharpner, harnoard and colour pencils etc, alongwith water bottle & napkin besides necessary credentials like original birth certificates / passport size photograps, other certificates / documents, if any.
Keep a track
Parents / Guardians should always keep in touch with the class teachers / school authorities for getting proper feedback about their children’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. Proper feed back from the teachers help the parents / guardians to identify the subjects / areas where their children need more attention and guidance at home. Moreover, this practice also enhances closeness of the parents / students with the teachers as well as strengthens student – teacher relationship.
The best way to tell your child about injurious effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling and chewing tobacco is that you never indulge in such activities or at least avoid them in the presence of children. Many a time, some parents / guardians allow their kids to taste a piece of betelnut, pan masala etc. Which ultimately becomes a habit and kinds get addicted, please avoid such practice.
We get fair amount of entertainment from viewing movies and some of the movies are very meaningful too. But sometimes some movies put us in embarrassing situations when we go along with the kids. So while going to a movie with kids / family, one should make sure to read the reviews of the movie from any of the reputed periodicals or get to know about it from their friend – circle in order to avoid such embarrassing situations.


  • Do not scold all the time for minor failures.
  • Do not trouble the child constantly.
  • Never use bitter or harsh remarks.
  • Do not show partiality to one child over the other.
  • Avoid staying away from your child for long periods.
  • Never over impose discipline.
  • Do not set over – optimistic goals for your child. It might increase his / her stress level.

STRESS When we expect more and more from our children without proper preparation, we put undue stress on them. So be practical, set realistic goals and proper with proper planning.

SHYNESSShyness comes from not having confidence in oneself. Identify the causes of shyness in your child and try to remove it. Encourage him/her to take part in group activities, participating in group activities, participating in school functions / other events. Sometimes even you can ask them perform in presence of strangers / guests.

Put the Brakes …….

BLAMING others is a natural tendency in many children. It all starts from blaming their brothers, sisters & friends. Once blaming is encouraged / overlookded by the parents / guardians, children start enjoying it & gradually it might become a habit with them.

JEALOUSLY is something that never helps to go up in life, it rather pulls down. When your child develops such a behavious, teach him / her the drawbacks if jealously.

Likewise, GREED might also be there in a child’s nature. Pampering this habit makes your child a greedy person which ultimately might lead your child to develop the habit of STEALING. You should be able to differentiate greed from need and expectation from an early age.

Many a child has good talents. Yet they behave in an erratic way only because of their so called MOOD. At times they want to perform only according to their own wishes even when they themselves know that what they are doing is wrong, One should tackle this problem at an early age because it is one habit which, if developed, becomes very hard to overcome.

Children pick-up the habit of LYING from their surrounding seeing that a lie- can ward them handsomely or save them from punishment. We should teache the ill effects of telling lies. We should make them understand that in the short run, a liar can have his / her day but it is the honesty and truth which ultimately counts. WE should teach them to admit their mistakes and to be truthful.