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Words of Wisdom

Truthfulness unfolds our own character, it makes us attractive to others, and it brings us respect and gives us the inner peace that better living brings.

Do not ever think of getting four things back – ‘An arrow you have shot, – The time you have wasted, the words you have spoken and the opportunity you have lost.

Only the right amount of each ingredient in a dish gives it an exact and delicious taste, similarly the correct development of each aspect of our personality can reap several benefits.

A person, who is courageous, has stamina, fortitude, firmness, the strength to stand, the determination to hold to the course, the resolve to remain steadfast and constant in the face of difficulties and a clear mind to see the value of what he is fighting for.

Generosity rises from a generous thought translated into a generous action. It rises from a heart that is full of good, free and spontaneous feeling, it and also to all others who are affected by it.

If you have a clear Idea of the career you want to pursue, it will motivate you to perform well in school. Choose your career with great care in order to avoid a life of drudgery.

The time spent in recreation during leisure is as important in our daily life as the time spent in studying or working. It helps to unwind the mind and rejuvenate the body.

A person who tackles life with a cheerful and pleasant attitude will always feels joy & happiness fill his heart. He will be known as a capable and matured person.

Success always depends on the amount of labour you put in your work. Success will never pursue you; you will have to stretch yourself to achieve it.

Responsibility is to hold oneself to ones duty, regardless of distractions that tempt to shirk the work. A feeling to express in action a moral value gives rise to a responsible behavior.

True patriotism is to love and honour one’s country with firm belief in its culture and tradition.

The two factors responsible for success in work are initiative and enthusiasm. Life is as tasteless without them as food without spices.

Scientific attitude is all about having an inquisitive mind and the willingness to satiate curiosity.

Patience is like flower that gives out the fragrance of love, faith, hope & trust. If the flower itself dies out there will be no sweet smell to please our senses.

The best way to serve God is to go through life, making the most of it, getting the best from it and, making it a better place than you found it.

Towards a friendlier happy family

Three fourths of your life is spent with your family.

Make your family – your closest friends.

Your family & you make a TEAM; imbibe the team spirit to win over happiness.

Like good friends do, share your joys and sorrows.

Communication is the one and only link which will maintain the bonds in your family – so TALK to each other.

Eat at least one meal a day together with your family-minus distractions like the television etc.

Laughing together – once a day, keeps the shadows of Sorrow away.

Use the “I wish ………” game, at least once a year, to bring your family closer.