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Dear Parent,

The Scholastic year is drawing to a close and it would be appropriate to look back and also look ahead. By the Grace of almighty, your esteemed support and our efforts, the year 2020 – 21 has come to a happy conclusion, it was also a very progressive year wherein a lot of activities were carried out with great pomp and celebration in unique way, we always strive to give the best to our students and shall continue to do so with the same zeal.

We strongly have these values, which guide us at Godwin Public School :

“There is no limit for the accomplishment, if the credit does not matter”

Our main objective is to create social consciousness among the students, We believe that in the race for Quality, there are no finishing lines, Hence Innovative techniques and ideal solutions are always adopted in making these programme a success. Having vast experience working with children in their holistic development, we have designed some special programme to kindle and ignite the various facts of the Childs personality, the well – integrated aspects of this programme include; the following report. This year too as usual, some exciting events were conducted for all age groups; the sports and games facilities in the campus make the students attain physical growth and sportsman – ship.

As you all know that apart from regular studies our school has always given importance for extra curricular activities like Academics, Sports, Music, Theatre, Fine arts, Yoga and Life oriented skills. In the past 20 years of service due importance was given to the Quality of education by imparting the best teaching by our dedicated teachers who sowed the seed of virtue & wisdom of faith in the heart of each child.

Our teachers don’t sit back and silently and watch the fate of pupil after the first few lessons; they guide the children at every step faster and encourage good habits, give sound reasoning and fill valid emotions in them.

“It is astonishing what power our mind has over our body, therefore let the mind always be the master”.
Goethe, a famous German Philosopher

This year too many energetic & enthusiastic events in the field of Sports; viz; – Running Race, Long Jump, High Jump, shot Put, Javelin Throw, Discuss Throw, Slow Cycle Race, was given much importance. Also group games such as Kabbadi, Kho Kho, Cricket and Volley ball, Throw ball, were included in the group of seniors, juniors & sub juniors to make the events much more exiting.

“Genius is 1 % Inspiration & 99 % Perspiration”. – Thomas Alwa Edison

So many activities were carried out in due course of time in series throughout the first half of the academic year in order to have accuracy of results in which the deserving students were identified in their talents.

This year as many as 35 events in Sports & Games, both indoors & outdoors were conducted :

  • Bhagavad – Gita recitation was conducted for all age group and it was a pleasure to hear the Godwinians recite the shlokas with such a confidence.
  • Essay writing, Quiz, Pick and talk, were conducted for the development of personality in Godwinians for the future ahead.
  • To invoke the creativity of the child; Pushpalankara, Rangoli, Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Sketching, were conducted.
  • To make the children aware of health and nutrition, the Cooking competition was held.

“If you act promptly and with decision you will get victory, Wavering means failure,” – Napoleon

Apart from regular classes, Astronomy, Dance, Music, Bhagavad – Gita, Debate, Origami, Calligraphy, Ikebana, Poetry Writing, Caricature, Electronics, Public Speaking, Communication, elocution, Quizzing, Computers, Essay writing, Recitation, Cooking, I.Q. Development, story Telling, Creative Thinking, Theatre – workshop and Current affairs these activity oriented programme were integrated to the deserving & eligible students.

The Ministry of Education, Government of Karnataka identified and honoured the schools which secured 100% results in SSLC Exams, we were awarded with Certificates & Trophy for securing 100% results in SSLC exams constantly with distinctions & first class results over the years. 2016 – 17 was also extremely mind blowing as all the students secured 100% results in the tests and semester exams conducted this year, and also all our Eighth batch of tenth standard students came out with 100% results in Distinction & First Class. We hope to achieve cent percent results in our Ninth batch also.
This day was called, to all the parents and an introduction was held between the new & existing parents and teachers, a lot of discussion were held and many parents appreciated the teachers and our school for the constant efforts being put to improve Quality.
The day was celebrated in order to bring the awareness among the students about environment, greenery, wildlife, pollution control, etc. Many students have made wonderful drawings and models portraying the importance of greenery.
The day was celebrated in order to identify few able students and badge them as leaders of Houses, Captains of teams, Band set head, Class leaders, School leaders, Head boy & girl and so on, by giving them a few responsibilities and made to take few oath on behalf of the students community.
The 67th Independence Day was celebrated by hoisting Our National Flag with great pomp and show, the fancy dress competition, songs & dances followed by March – past and sweet distribution. The Chief Guest of the day -Major. General. Shri. Kali Prasad, Shri. Ashwath Narayan Gowda, Corporator gave away the prizes to the deserving tiny tots and the best students of our school. A fancy dress competition was conducted for the age group of three to five years; the tiny tots not only showed their talent but also exhibited such a mind – blowing performance that it was really difficult to take the best of the lot.
On September 5th, The day was celebrated with a host of cultural activities wherein the teachers entertained the students by playing with them, the singing and dancing events held by the teachers was a wonderful event for the students who enjoyed a lot, the management addressed to the students about the importance of a Teacher in their life and also awarded all the teachers for their dedicated efforts and service followed by sweet distribution.
On November 14th, The day was celebrated with a host of cultural activities; Fancy dress competition by Nursery & Primary kids the main attraction was the Rangoli & Cooking Competition by Higher Primary & High School students, The Flower decoration by our Godwinians was wonderful to see which exhibits the hidden talent in children.
“PROTHSAHA – 15” The prize day was celebrated in the school in its own unique way, to give the Godwinians the sports – man awards and trophies for their perspiration with lots of inspiration. The Chief Guest of the day was Dr.Kala Thapasavi Rajesh Cine Actor & Shri. Manmohan Kulkarni , gave away the trophies and mementoes; it was a mind blowing event to see the tiny tots of Godwinians receiving the gifts and prestigious awards. It was a remarkable day enjoyed by all the parents.
One day tour to GRS Fantasy Park was organized for Higher Primary and High school students and Nursery and Primary students were taken to Dreamland Resorts, it was indeed a memorable time as many students who participated in the tour have enjoyed to the core.
“SAMANVAY – 15” The Eighteen School Day was celebrated at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on 08th Jan, 2017 in a grand manner. The evening was so entertaining for all the kids and parents, the performance of the kids captivated the hearts & minds of the parents, The Chief Guests of the day was Kannada Actor. Dr. Rajesh, Smt. Sangeetha Katti Kulkarni, Sri. Manmohan Kulkarni, Sri.Aman Singh along with other guests & dignitaries were done excellently and received the appreciation by all.
A workshop was conducted for 10th std Students by Prof. Jayasimha for two days where all the students gained special techniques to prepare for their final board examinations.
“PRERANA – 15” With due recognition and appreciation to our promoting students, the graduation day was celebrated by giving away the certificates to the graduating students and also blessed them with Gifts & Mementoes.
The day was celebrated on 13th March, 17 by performing “SHRADHA MEDHA” Maha Pooja followed by a farewell function with much of happiness and also a bit of sorrow as the senior out going Godwinians were in tears. The Management, Staff & students all bid a farewell to them wishing them a very Bright & beautiful future ahead.
As per the Education Department rules the examinations were conducted in stages – Viz; September & March also four regular monthly tests were conducted during July, August, November & February respectively in order to analyze the performance of the students, and the same results were generated in a very unique special computerized performance statement showing various point of the child’s performance in individual tests & examinations and the same was forwarded to parents Apprise & Scrutiny.

We thank all the parents and well – wishers, who with their unstinted support and co – operation to the programmes and the activities of the school, have enabled us to strive forward in the best interest of the student community, thereby providing Quality education that Godwinians always stand for.


The school office will remain open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on all working days during holidays, the details of Annual Maintenance Fees, Books & Stationary List, New Uniform & Apparels List and other fee details for the coming Academic year can be collected from the office during office hours on all working days.

Please be advised that:

  • The Books & Stationary list will be issued only upon the receipt of the fees paid.
  • The books & stationary will be issued by the suppliers only on the above specified date and not later than that, those who fail to buy the books before the specified date should buy the same as per the list themselves.
  • Please check the Text books, Note books, stationary supplied against the list you find in the bundle, in case some books are not supplied, make sure that you get endorsed the same with the school seal from the staff concerned and that will be supplied after the school re-opens.
  • The monthly fee and van fee should be paid for all twelve months of the academic year, without fail to avoid fine.
  • The Re-admission will not be entertained to those who are holding previous dues.
  • Please pay the prescribed fees in time and co-operate with the management and help us to serve you better.
  • The school van pick up and drop facilities are available for the various destinations as usual with a fee hike.
  • The students who are promoted to FIRST Standard and NINTH Standard are requested to fill up a new application form along with a new Passport size Photograph and certified Caste Certificate & Birth Certificates – as they are admitted freshly into Primary & High School respectively.
  • All the correspondence regarding New Admission for their Kith & Kin, Transportations Facilities, Change of address, Cancellation of Van Facilities, Scholarship & Free ships, Concessions, discontinuing school, Transfer Certificate, Complaints & suggestions, and all other matter should be communicated directly to the Head Mistress or the Principal.

My sincere thanks to all of you for your encouragement and esteemed support in this 20th year of our service in educating your wards, also we request you to participate in the educative process that goes on at home and school, please go through the diary regularly and be aware of the rules instructions and regulations given there in.

Re-opening Date : Re-opening of school will be informed you by SMS.
Attendance on the re-opening day is compulsory without any excuses.
Rs.100/- fine will be levied on the students who don’t come on the re-opening day.

We thank all the parents and well-wishers, who with their support and co-operation to all the Programme and the activities of the school, have enabled us to strive forward in the best interest of the Student community, thereby providing Quality Education that Godwinians always stand for and determined for further years to come. We again request you all to note the above –mentioned points and follow the same, so as to enable us to chart out our plan for the next Academic year in a better way.

Thanking you all with best wishes:
Dedicated Staff & Management.

Admission Guidelines

New Admission guidelines :

Kindergarten Classes – Pre.K.G, L.K.G, U.K.G
Students who are considered for enrollment during this academic year 2020 – 2021 are those who :

  • Have a satisfactory BIRTH record – with eligibility documents.
  • Have demonstrated readiness for the grade level for which they are applying.
    Grades 1 to Grade 9 ( First std to Eight std only, No new admissions for IX & X classes )

Students who are considered by the admission committee for enrollment are those who :

  • Desire to attend this Academy and agree to comply with the schools standards.
  • Are willing to attend school on a regular basis.
  • Have a satisfactory Birth record.
  • Can pay the prescribed fee promptly in time.
  • Have a valid school leaving certificate from the previous school.
  • Are achieving an average of at least a “B+” grade in the previous school year.
  • Have demonstrated on previous report cards and standardized tests that they are adequately prepared to achieve at their grade level.

Re – admission Guidelines :

The Admissions Committee will consider on an individual basis students who do not meet the following criteria.
ADMISSION PROCESS – 1st std to 9th std
Admissions for all students are evaluated using the following criteria :

  • The Behavior of the students and the parents towards the teachers and the staff of the school.
  • The References from the student’s present academic teacher, and principal.
  • The Copies of the latest report card (Classes 1 – 8) and standardized test (Classes 4 – 8).
  • A personal counseling with the parents of students not progressing.
  • Considering whether payment of school fees paid promptly or not.

Only if found satisfactory, then the managing committee may entertain re – admission.

Financial Information :

The monthly tuition has to be paid for all the twelve months of the academic year :
Tuition fee must be paid by the 12th of first quarterly month by cash without fail.

If paid by cheque, it must be dated before 10th of the first current month.
If the cheque is dishonored or bounced, then a fine of Rs. 100/- to be paid along with the fee immediately.