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Dear Parents,

A place of Study is as important as studies, so arrange a quiet place with ample of space for your child to study, make the place a permanent one for studies to avoid any disturbances and distractions.

Always instruct your children to study the hard subjects or lessons first, and then they will find the easier one simpler besides their brain will freshen up for that subjects

Find out a proper time, which your child feels comfortable to study or he concentrates the best, and then make it a point to make him study at that particular time. Never allow your child to study too late in the night or too early in the morning, let the timings be natural as per their convenience, but see to it that they stick on to that time regularly. Don’t let them over sleep or under sleep, if you want them to get up early to study, then see to it that they go to bed early, because they need at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep every day.

Always children have the tendency of forgetting what they have studied, well to forget things is a natural process, to improve their memory, insist to study the same within 24 hours, and also review what they have studied and revise the class work or notes in the next 48 hours, to have further better remembrance, the revision should be carried out in the next two weeks.

We usually remember only six to eight items at a time; therefore we should make some groups organizing some 20 to 25 items in 5 to 6 groups, and they find it much easier to remember.

Recitation is also a very powerful method, when the child recites the something in his own words, he will pay more attention, usually when children recites, their unconscious mind will react faster and they use an entirely different part of their brain.

We always remember easily the pictures what we have seen rather what we have read or heard, so tell them to picture everything they learn in their mind, it will help them in remembering things.